An Insider’s Guide to Booking Your Wedding Band

Music makes a party and your wedding band will be one of the biggest decisions you make when planning your big day. If you find yourself overwhelmed with where to start here are our suggestions of what to ask your wedding band before you book them…


What’s included when I book with you?

TOTEM comes with lots of options you can pick and choose from to suit your special day. By having an open conversation with us about the size of band you plan on having we band can ensure you don’t blow the budget but get exactly what you want. TOTEM can also assist in the lighting and production as well as helping to plan the entire day with you, which is always a bonus!


What’s the best way to set up the room?

There’s a very high chance that TOTEM has played at your wedding venue before, which gives you one less thing to worry about. Give us as much information about the running of the day and how many people will be there, then we can work around sound proofing, setting up a stage and having microphones and lighting in all the right places to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Do you know my friends?

It’s always great for TOTEM to get an idea of the type of crowd you’ll be having at your wedding. If we’ve played at a wedding you’ve been to it means that we can make suggestions tailored to your guest list. When it comes to picking a playlist leave no stone left unturned and tell them everything you liked and didn’t like about weddings you’ve been to before, that way you can avoid any surprises on the night!

Sinem and Ashley Wedding Day High Res-1469.jpg

I love this song, is it wedding appropriate?

There’s nothing we love more than making your wedding as personal as possible. If there’s a up-tempo song you love the words to, why not let us slow it down for your first dance? Or see if there’s a way of incorporating a special song to you and your other half into your wedding ceremony.


What genres can you cover at my wedding?

Is your husband-to-be a jazz fanatic? Did your friends all love raving in the ‘90s? You’re in luck. TOTEM can include something to get everyone on the dance floor. We’ve put on some amazing shows from garage sets to musical performances by our theatrical band ‘Behind the Lights’ and love to come up with new ideas to bring your love of music to life at your wedding day.


Can I come and see you before the wedding?

It’s not unusual to want to see a band in action before you commit financially. We will be more than happy to invite you along to another event and can organise this for you at your request. We advise all of our brides and grooms to come along as see us before they book, not only because we want to show off, but because we know what a big decision this can be for you.


What’s the best way to end a wedding?

Aside from opening the dance floor, the last song at a wedding can be one of the most emotional. Whether you want everyone swaying to something slow or jumping up and down it’s important to pick the perfect final song for your wedding. TOTEM can help you pick the perfect song to end the night on a high with a dance floor full of the people you love celebrating with you.

Ready to meet your band? We can’t wait to work with you either. If you’re looking to book TOTEM Entertainment for your wedding contact us on 020 8207 4794 .