Tips for Picking Your First Dance

The ceremony is over, toasts have been made and you’re officially married! Congratulations. It’s time to present yourselves to the rest of the world as man and wife with your very first dance. Picking your first dance can be a difficult choice to make, so let us help you get started with our top tips…


If You Know ‘YOUR SONG’…

This is an easy decision for you. You’ve probably had a song with your partner for your entire relationship and know that this is the right dance to start off your marriage. If you still want to put a personal spin on your song then look up different versions online to see if there’s a particular rendition you love. Did you know TOTEM can work with you to speed up or slow down any song you like? That way it will be your song made even more personal.


If You Have No Idea…

It’s probably one of those decisions which can start to drive you mad. Is it too classic? Is it too new? Will someone else have it? Will people know it? The truth is, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to picking your wedding dance. It’s YOUR first dance after all. Our advice is to sit down one evening, look up some romantic playlists on Spotify and you’ll know when you’ve found the right one. Or, ask TOTEM for a list of songs they recommend and choose the one you think suits you both best!

Sinem and Ashley Wedding Day High Res-1524.jpg

If You Want to Put on a Show…

We’ve all dreamed of that Fred Astaire moment on the dance floor, so why not go for it on your wedding day? Dance lessons can be such a fun way to spend time together before the wedding, especially when it seems every other decision is becoming a chore. Opt for a theatrical song or a classical tune, like a waltz! Your guests will love watching you twirl and whirl around the dance floor and you’ll get your Strictly Come Dancing moment.


If You’re Not Overly Romantic

Who says that a first dance needs to be slow? Your first dance is all about celebrating what makes you both a couple. Choose something upbeat and get everyone started on the dance floor with you. This is a celebration of love with all of your family and friends, so enjoy it with them from the very beginning. After all, a wedding is joining of two families as well as two people so why not get everyone involved.


If You Simply Can’t Pick…

There’s no need to stick to just one first dance. A medley of your favourite artist or even musical is a great way to entertain your guests whilst keeping it unique to your relationship. Start slow and build up as your guests join you on the dance floor or just get everyone up from the very start to enjoy your moment with you. Just remember, this is your moment, your time to celebrate everything you’ve been planning for the past year. Just relax, enjoy and have fun with it!

Need a little help picking your first dance for your wedding? We’d love to help you out! Book TOTEM Entertainment for your wedding band and we’ll make sure your first dance is a dance you’ll remember forever. Give us a call.