The Do’s and Don’ts for an Office Christmas Party

We at TOTEM Entertainment consider ourselves party people. We love to party whether we’re the ones performing, organising or attending. That’s why this Christmas we’re giving you our professional opinion on what makes a great Christmas party (and what can ruin it). Read on for our expert advice on throwing the best party this festive season…


DO spread festive cheer

No one wants the Grinch turning up to their party, and no one wants to go to a party planned by the Grinch. The moment it’s socially acceptable (in our opinion anytime from the 1st December), encourage your office to get in the spirit and start getting people excited for the party.

DON’T delay planning

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s also the busiest. Bear in mind that venues, bands, DJs and caterers get booked up WAY in advance. Book your party as early as possible to avoid disappointment come November.


DO put on a show

Make your 2018 Christmas party standout from previous years with an act or cabaret show. People love to see something they ordinarily wouldn’t and we find it’s a great ice breaker to get the party started. In need of some inspiration, we’ve got some great ideas that will leave you feeling inspired.


DON’T be generic

You know your guests better than anyone else. Make your party as personal as possible to keep everyone engaged from start to finish. Whether you brand your cocktail glasses or find a comedy act that can perform to a more intimate group, try something that will keep people smiling all the way home!

DO provide food

This is essential if you want an open bar to remain a DO for next year’s bash. No one wants to see the HR department doing the worm on the dancefloor after one too many mojitos so canapes (especially those that include carbs) are necessary for a successful evening of drinking.

Masquerade- holiday-party -787961.jpg

DO try new things

A party is so much more than music and drinks in a room. Take your team away for the weekend, theme your party for an all-encompassing experience or simply serve up something seriously delicious food market style. There’s hundreds of ways to keep things interesting and, more importantly, fun for your guests.


DON’T start too late

Remember, you’re throwing this party for people who have a job (and most likely work for you). Don’t leave yourself in the lurch the next day with half the staff off sick. Start your party a little earlier to give people enough time before the end.


DO provide an open bar

Let’s be honest, everyone loves an open bar. Give your guests no reason to arrive late just because the bar down the road had a 2 for 1 offer on at the same time your party started.

By the same notion, make sure you have ample bar staff and maybe more than one area serving drinks, there’s nothing more off putting than having to queue for half an hour at your own do.

As you can probably tell, we’re pretty passionate about taking your Christmas party and turning it into something seriously special. If you’re looking to better your bash this year then let’s get talking! Contact us on 020 8207 4794 or visit