Wedding Cakes with a Difference

To cake or not to cake? That’s the question on everyone’s lips when planning a wedding. A wedding cake can be a great centerpiece to your ballroom and there’s no doubt it makes for a great cutting the cake photo in your wedding album. People are sometimes put off the idea of a fancy wedding cake as they’ve become more decorative than edible and come at a huge cost.

If you do have your heart set on a wedding cake, try these delicious dessert ideas that go beyond layers of sponge and icing.



A croquembouche is a traditional French dessert which resembles a tower of choux-pastry and profiteroles. It’s usually decorated with threads of caramel but recently we’ve seen much more fun, and personal, ways of decorating a croquembouche at weddings.

Reshmi from Anges de Sucre, aka. London’s Best Bakery according to Vogue, has been serving up her cakes in Selfridges for the past 3 years and has baked everything from the weird to the wonderful.

“Some brides might be all about the frock and the honeymoon but others are using the cake to show the world what kind of couple they really are! Croquembouches look and taste dreamy and still give you that awe-inspiring centre piece for the wedding reception. There’s no reason to stick to tradition of solely using choux-pastry puffs in a croquembouche. My favourite cakes to bake are those filled with personality as they allow me to be so much more creative.”

Milk & Cookie Bar.jpeg

Milk & Cookie Bar

Tying in with the rising trend of food trucks at weddings, a Milk & Cookie Bar is a must if you’re looking to really impress your guests. Not only does it make for an amazing dessert bar but a cookie stand can also double up as your wedding cake. Why splash the cash on a traditional cake, when you can have entire dessert bar full of all things cookie?

Cookie queens, Blondies Kitchen, recently showcased their brand new Milk & Cookie Bar offering at the elite BrideLux symposium at Banqueting House in London and we instantly fell in love.

“The best thing about our offering is that you guarantee something for everyone. The minute guests see stacks of cookies and shots of fun flavoured milk, they can’t help but smile. Adults feel the nostalgia, whilst kids can’t wait to dive in. We encourage our clients to mix all flavours because we know people love to share a dessert and it really gets everyone talking. Our towers are usually decorated with flowers to tie in with centerpieces but we’ve also added in bespoke icing on our supersize cookies to give each wedding a personal touch.”

Biscuit ake.jpg

Biscuit Cake

Brides and grooms are always looking for new and creative ways to make their wedding bespoke. Following in the footsteps of monogrammed macaroons and cupcakes, we’ve found the next best thing! Biscuit cakes are your light but ever so delicious answer to wedding cake with a twist.

Linzee, owner of Daisy Rae Cakes, was Tiffany and Co’s baker of choice to launch their latest collection. She knows a thing or two about creating beautiful biscuits and cakes for all types of events and loves incorporating personal or bespoke touches for brides and grooms.

“There are so many ways to incorporate biscuit cakes into weddings. The most popular is the bride and groom’s name but I’ve also been asked to create a wedding hashtag out of biscuits or even the couples favourite quote. Topped with everything from vanilla mascarpone cream, edible flowers and meringue kisses, my biscuit cakes double up as a perfect gift for guests to take home from the wedding too.”


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