Just Got Engaged?


So, you’ve just got engaged! Congratulations! The next few weeks are going to be a whirlwind, so many people to call, so many things to think about. It’s the most exciting time of your life and you should enjoy every minute. In between Facebook statuses, celebratory drinks and getting a manicure to complement THE ring, there’s a few key things to do to get the wedding planning started. Don’t get bogged down in paperwork just yet, check out our quick guide on the first few things to do once you get engaged so you can spend the rest of the time celebrating!

1. Agree on the Big Things

Before you go ahead and send out save the dates, it’s important you and your other half agree on what type of wedding you’ll be planning. There’s a lot to think about so just try to focus on the four P’s – place, people, party planner, prices. Once you have a budget, wedding venue, guest list and got the perfect people to put it all together (AKA us) the rest will all fall into place.

2. Save the Date

It’s important that all of your friends and family know when you plan on getting married, but don’t forget the other VIP’s. Venues, bands and caterers get booked up VERY quickly and whilst it may sound extremely cliché, avoid disappointment and pencil in your top choices. We know it’s a difficult choice and the majority of your budget will be spent on these things so it helps to shop around - cue wedding crashing to see bands and canape tasting to make sure you pick the right food!

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3. Write a List

The next few months of wedding planning can be stressful, but if you’re prepared then you won’t lose track of what’s done and what’s to be done. Speaking from experience of brides and grooms-to-be, a notebook with every thought and appointment written in will be your best friend during this process. Not sure of where to start?


4. Start Booking

Right, now that the first lot of “wedmin” (that’s wedding admin for those you don’t know) is out of the way it’s time to get started on making that Pinterest board become a reality. Trying on wedding dresses is something all girls dream of since childhood. Invite your nearest and dearest, sip some champagne and go say yes to the dress (and veil and shoes and flowers!).


5. Ask the Important Question

You’ve already said yes, but will they? Time to get your wedding party in line! Whatever style of wedding you’re planning on having, there’s space for all of your nearest and dearest to be included. Bridesmaids, ushers, flower girls and witnesses will be part of your memories (and photos) forever and will there for some of the most special and intimate moments of your day.

Looking for someone to take the reins? When you book your wedding with us we can guarantee a full party planning service. Not only do we work with florists, caterers and venues to ensure a seamless production of your wedding but we can also assist in introducing you to the best in the business. If you’re looking for the perfect partner to plan your wedding with contact us on 020 8207 4794 or email hello@totem-tribe.co.uk.