The TOTEM band starts with either a 7-Piece DJ Live or an 8-piece live band, all the way up to our breathtaking 20-Piece Live Band. We will always be free to offer our advice and help you to choose the perfect band for your event.

Our musicians are comfortable playing in any style, so feel free to throw us your music choices in funk, jazz, swing, pop, mo-town, rock, house, musical theatre, hip-hop, disco, soul (the list goes on) and we’ll be happy to accommodate you.



Every member of TOTEM goes through our rigorous audition process to find the best members for the band. It’s not only about finding the most amazing musicians, it’s also about finding the right people to join TOTEM. We are all like family and that dynamic is unique. Below are just a few members of Team TOTEM.



Check out our incredible studio sessions. We record at the studio every month, so stay tuned for our latest videos.


Whether you are having a spectacular Indian Wedding, a cool Barmitzvah or crazy Greek party, TOTEM has you covered. Ready to book TOTEM? Get In Touch.