The TOTEM Gospel Choir core members were principally assembled through their worship group. Over the past few years, the vocalists have grown in number through various recording sessions, weddings, TV Appearances and live performances. The group offer a contemporary repertoire and original arrangements.  



The TOTEM Gospel Choir are available for collaborative projects with DJ’s, bands and other event professionals adding a vocal section like no other to both live and recorded sessions. They are perfect to add accompaniment for a breathtaking aisle walk, a glorious way to welcome your guests for the evening or even a spell binding cabaret performance during dinner.

When one of our awesome brides wants to sing with us, we do it right! Samantha Bloch featuring the TOTEM Gospel Choir - This Will Be. Filmed by the legends that are Denee Motion. (

Moni steps in front of the TOTEM Gospel Choir in the studio to deliver perhaps our best ever rendition yet of Boee Kallah.

Lydia and TOTEM Gospel Choir smashing All I Want For Christmas in the studio!